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Mortgage Renewal Seminar

DATE October 11 TIME 7:00pm  LOCATION Zoom Meeting Presenters: Eunice Luis, Certified Financial Planner Emily Miszk, Mortgage Broker Eunice and Emily will be discussing the following steps that you should undertake when renewing a mortgage. Know and Understand your...

The Next Step – Helping Seniors Move Foreward

DATE September 29 TIME 2:00pm - 3:30pm LOCATION Clarke Memorial Hall 16 Lakeshore Rd W Mississauga,OntarioPresentation Topics Include When do I know it's the right time to make a move?Where do I start and where do I go?How do I evaluate this financially?  More...

Market update – June 16, 2022

Early this week it was announced we had officially entered a bear market. This means that our markets dropped 20% from their high point in January 2022. This does not mean your portfolios dropped 20%. The stock market is made up of a basket of stocks based on which...


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